The middle way leads to gold

The golden middle way is never grey

A lot of things in life are treated like a black or white issue. You either hate it or love it. You are a Democrat or a Republican. Mac or PC. For or against. Christian or atheist. Guilty or not guilty. A saint or a devil. In our out. Left or Right. Smart or dumb.

And so on.

We do this as it is easy and convenient. Often we are incentivised to pick a side. And it’s how our brains are wired to handle the world around us by default. But it’s often not the best way.

The truth often is in the middle.

I believe we need to think much more about the middle ground.

Maybe there are some truth to both sides. Maybe we can actually learn from the other side. This takes a lot more effort, but also empathy.

If you start looking at life like that. And pause and think about the other side and why they might have a point, there is a lot of gold to be found.

So. The next time an argument comes up or you “have to” pick a side.


Think about both sides and you will discover there is more sides than two.

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