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Glauser Creative help companies improve their business. We do it by designing products, services, communication and experiences. We call it business design.

Business design is about combining design and strategy to help create market growth. In practice this can take the form of a better user onboarding in your app, a new pricing model, a communication concept, a new brand or even a completely new product and launch strategy.

Working together with a wide network of people and companies we can deliver on both huge, small and unusual projects.

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Business design projects

Minutemailer is an online marketing platform where you can easily send newsletters and smart emails

Minutemailer is an online marketing platform where you can easily send newsletters and smart emails. Targeting small and medium sized businesses that find competing solutions too complicated and time consuming. Minutemailer was founded and designed by Glauser Creative. Start your own free account on

Soundtrap is an online music making platform

Soundtrap is a collaboration platform for making music online. $8.5 million USD in funding and +1 million users all over the world. Glauser Creative was an early advisor, designer and minority shareholder. Soundtrap was acquired by Spotify in November 2017. Try Soundtrap here.

Logo for Ping Pong

Logotype and branding for e-learning software platform Ping Pong.

Logo for IKEA

Logotype and design for the exhibition Hej. Client IKEA.

Unlimited childrens books in an app

With Kidsread the goal was to create a releasable MVP (Minimal Viable Product) of a "Spotify for childrens books". A simple app for iPad and iPhone where you pay a monthly subscription fee to read as many childrens books as you like. With a limited time and budget Glauser Creative created the brand, design/ux, api, website and iOS app. Enabling the founders to get their first paying customers and raise money to continue the development. Go to to try it.

Design for the Bonnier website Allt om vin

A new magazine design for all the Bonnier magazines. Starting out with the titles belonging to the Expressen brand and working from there the new magazine design is a more modern and flexible framework for building out the Bonnier magazine websites. The first title to move to the new design is 'Allt om vin'.

How to shop communication concept

IKEA needed a simple but effective way of talking to visitors of their stores. The solution was a communication concept consisting of messages that both explains the business model of IKEA and shows the customer how to shop. Still showing in IKEA stores world wide since 2006.

Videofy - A social video app

Videofy was a social video app where influencers could create, comment and share video content. 500 K active users, 40 M views a month with a yearly turnover of 800 000 EUR at its peak. Videofy was co-founded and designed by Glauser Creative.

Klart - The largest weather website in Sweden

Klart is the largest weather website in Sweden with over 1.5 million unique visitors per week. The website was overdue for a redesign and Glauser Creative worked with UX and design to improve on an already popular brand. Check out the weather near you at

Logo for the blog portal Nouw

Nouw is the largest blog portal in northern Europe and monitors trends in fashion, styling, beauty and fitness. The Nouw logotype was designed by Glauser Creative. Visit

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Oskar Glauser

The bolder the idea, the more interesting I think it is. I have always loved designing things. As a kid I was drawing a lot, inventing computer games and making electronic music. Today the work I do is different, but it all has to do with making the world better, brighter or more fun to live in. How do you want to make the world a better place?

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