Swish sign at a cafe

New and improved brand design for Swish

Glauser Creative was assigned to help the Swedish payment solution Swish make their brand and communication more clear and distinct in physical stores and online. Designing new material for customers and users.

Previously the communication used a lot of different colors and messages which competed with the colors of the logo and created a very mixed impression.

By using the green payment success screen from the app as inspiration we created new material for stores and online using a green gradient together with the improved logotype and simple and distinct messages.

Together with the updated brand guidelines this creates an even stronger identity for the Swish brand. Read Swish utsett till Sveriges starkaste varumärke on swish.nu

Swish me a Croissant
A green but visible Swish QR code.
Communicate that you accept Swish in your physical store.
The green gradient is visible even on the logo stickers to create recognition.
Examples of how you can tell your customers that you accept Swish.
The Swish brand guidelines shows how you can use the green gradient to tell your customers that you accept Swish.
Scan this QR code to buy me lunch : )
Scan this QR code if you have the Swish app to buy me lunch. : )