Creating a “Spotify for childrens books” from zero to release in two months

With Kidsread the goal was to create a releasable MVP (Minimal Viable Product) of a simple app for iPad and iPhone where you pay a monthly subscription to read an unlimited amount of childrens books.

Basicly “a Spotify for childrens books” where kids and parents can read any book available in the app whenever they want. Very convenient when going on trips or if you get bored of the books you already have at home.

The full screen experience lets kids read books in a more accessible way. Perfect for vacations.

The app was also targeting schools and pre-schools as a way of quickly getting subscription volumes.

Within a limited time and with a tight budget Glauser Creative created the brand, ui and ux, backend, a simple website and an app for iPhone and iPad.

The MVP enabled the founders to get their first paying customers and raise their first round.