Age of Covid

A new year in the age of Covid

It’s now starting to feel like this has been going on forever. But it’s only been what, 2 years? since the beginning of the pandemic.

Most of us never thought it would affect so much around us for so long.

Still. In some ways I think this is the start of a new age. Hopefully not the age of Covid as I really believe we will soon be out of it.

But Covid itself have changed a lot of things around us. No one would think working from home or remote is any strange any more. Going to London for just one meeting that can be done on video is not going to happen that much any more.

We will think more about our health, maybe other people’s health as well. And I really truly hope people will think more about what they eat, where stuff comes from and the health of the planet itself.

Another thing that has happened during this pandemic is that people have become lonelier. Staying at home, isolating, maybe losing friends and not having co workers to talk to over coffee is not good in the long run.

When I read about Facebook/Metas vision of the Metaverse I understand the problem they try to solve, connecting people. But their solution feels like a dystopic nightmare. There must be better ways to create genuin connections between people.

Some things I hope will happen during this new age that I look forward to and would like to work on accelerating are:

  • Connecting people in real life, with privacy and dignity around topics that matter and makes a difference.
  • Increasing the knowledge and wisdom of humanity. The opposite of fake news.
  • New ways of working from home or remote that keeps you sane and makes you feel more free.
  • Ways of keeping yourself healthy – we spend a lot of money on coffee, alcohol and other drugs, why not spend as much on being healthy.
  • Help people experience the world and other cultures without necessarily contributing to pollution and exploitation.
  • Increased usage of renewable energy. We have almost unlimited free energy in the form of solar, water and wind energy available everywhere. It’s insane to continue digging up old oil and transporting it all over the world.

What are you looking forward to post Covid?