Pyramid Principle Presentation Template

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The Pyramid Principle is a method for doing convincing presentations that always starts with the answer. It was created by Barbara Minto (get the book on Amazon) and makes a lot of content easy to digest.

I created a simple powerpoint template with some example content taken from the famous Steve Jobs MacWorld 2007 presentation of the first iPhone.

I often try to use this method for presentations myself as it makes it easy to structure a lot of information and it also helps in selling your ideas.

Use the template as a starting point to create your own convincing presentations and let me know if you like it. appreciate if you give me some kind of credit if you use it. Thanks!

Pyramid Principle presentation summary

  • Start with your answer
  • Your three main arguments supporting your answer
  • Your three main ideas for the first argument
  • Your three supporting ideas for each idea
  • Repeat until you have gone through all arguments
  • Summarize the answer together with the three main arguments at the end

👉 Get the free pyramid principle presentation on Slideshare.

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