Keep things simple

Keep things simple

A common mistake people make when creating a brand, a marketing campaign, a product or design in general is to make it too complicated.

Keep things simple. Simplicity isn’t just a style. It’s a strategy. It’s powerful and effective.

Why simple?

  1. Clarity: No confusion. People understand fast.
  2. Memory: Simple things stick in your mind.
  3. Decisions: Forces you to make bold, impactful choices.

Simple products

  • iPhone: No buttons, one big screen, you control it with your touch. It revolutionized smartphones.
  • Google Search: A single input field. Yet, it opens the door to the entire internet.
  • Dyson Vacuum: Forget bags and filters. Just powerful, simple cleaning.

Simple brands

  • Nike: “Just Do It.” Three words that moved a generation.
  • Coca-Cola: The red and white logo. Instantly recognizable, globally loved.
  • Twitter (now X): A bird and 280 characters. Simplicity that changed how we share news and opinions.

Simple marketing

  • Got Milk?: Two words. Instantly asks a question and promotes a product.
  • MasterCard: “Priceless” lists the cost of items, then contrasts with the “priceless” moments money can’t buy.
  • Volkswagen: “Think Small” campaign. Turned a small car into a big deal.

When you simplify, you have to make tough choices. You cut out the noise. What remains is the essence of your product, message or brand.

Simplicity is more than a design choice. It’s a decision to be clear, memorable, and bold. Simplify to amplify your impact.

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