10 strategies guaranteed to help you win

10 strategies guaranteed to help you win

Winning doesn’t happen by chance; it’s a product of strategy, resilience, and execution. In any competitive arena—be it business, sports, or life in general—success often boils down to employing the right tactics.

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These are 10 strategies that are guaranteed to help you come out on top.

1. Play infinite games

Instead of playing to win, play to keep the game going. The real win is the wisdom and friends you pick up along the way. 

2. The OODA loop 

It stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This is a military strategy for decision-making in uncertain situations. Use it to react faster and more effectively to challenges. 

3. Risk homeostasis

People have a set level of acceptable risk. Think you’re playing it safe? You’re likely taking risks elsewhere without knowing it. 

4. Pre-mortems

Before diving into a new project or decision, ask yourself, “If this fails, what will be the reason?”. This counter-intuitive approach will surface potential pitfalls before they trap you. 

5. Conversational aikido

Don’t push against resistance in discussions; use it as a guide. This helps you avoid confrontations and find the path of least resistance. 

6. The ladder of inference

In every conversation or problem, we climb up this ladder: 

1. Data 
2. Interpretation 
3. Assumption 
4. Conclusion 

The higher you go, the more prone you are to error. Check your rungs often. 

7. Two-door rule for opportunities

Every choice should either make you better or offer a new experience. If it doesn’t, it’s likely not worth your time. 

8. Pareto’s law for networking

80% of your best relationships come from 20% of your network. 

1. Who are the linchpins? 
2. How can you level them up? 
3. How can make the relationship last? 
4. Rinse and repeat. 

9. The reverse gap

Instead of stressing over the gap between you and your goals, look back at how far you’ve come. This shift in perspective can be a huge emotional uplift. 

10. Amplify serendipity

Don’t just count on luck; engineer it. Say yes more often, introduce friends who should know each other, and take the meeting you’re unsure about. These “lucky” moments are right in front of you every single day.

Winning is about being strategic in your approach. Implement these 10 strategies and watch how your odds of winning skyrocket.

Take control of your destiny and start employing these winning strategies today.

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