Send newsletters using Minutemailer

Send newsletters in minutes using Minutemailer

Minutemailer have been my side project for a long time. I founded it when I started freelancing and was looking for a simple way of sending some emails to contacts with updates of what I was doing.

The Minutemailer Email Editor
The Minutemailer Email Editor

As it has been a hobby project it have grown very slowly but is now a real business with a (still small) turnover of about EUR 70 000 a year and thousands of users and customers.

To reignite the product and see if it can grow to another stage we decided to simplify the brand and messaging.

The Minutemailer customers think it's easier to use than the competition (for example Mailchimp) but still powerful and affordable.
Our customers choose Minutemailer as it’s easier to use than the competition, still powerful and affordable.

When all competitors get more and more features and increase complexity Minutemailer is all about sending great newsletters fast. And as I’m very concerned about climate change it’s important to have sustainability in mind. So we are using servers with minimum climate impact as well as giving 5% of our revenue to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Not a huge sum but still. It makes the emails we send climate neutral which is better than the competition.

The brand is simplified around a simple paper plane symbol and a green color palette. Communicating simplicity and sustainability.

Minutemailer is a green alternative for sending climate friendly emails and newsletters.
We care a lot about sustainability and make sure the emails sent are climate friendly. We use servers powered by 100% sustainable green energy as well as contribute 5% of all payments towards removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Minutemailer can also be used as a simple CRM tool for small businesses. Store your contacts in one safe place in the cloud and send newsletters and plain emails.

You can use Minutemailer as a simple CRM or online address book for your company or organisation.
Minutemailer can be used as your business address book.

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