Minutemailer – founding an email marketing tool for non marketers

Using Minutemailer you can easily send newsletters and smart emails to your contacts. Targeting small and medium sized businesses that find competing solutions too complicated, time consuming or expensive.

I founded the company after I left my first startup Videofy. Looking for a good way of keeping my contacts up to date with what I was doing. But I found existing email and CRM solutions too complicated and expensive.

I thought that there must be room for something simpler yet powerful and started working on what became Minutemailer.

The email editor of Minutemailer helps you create beautiful email newsletters in minutes.
The email editor is really easy to use. Create your first email in minutes.

As I didn’t want to bring in investors but remain in control and see where it went, Minutemailer is completly bootstrapped and everyone involved is part owner. Something that has resulted in a very slow and steady development pace. But also a lot of freedom.

Select from a number of ready made email templates for designed newsletters or plain text emails.
Pick from ready made templates. Both for designed emails and plain emails.

My reasoning for this is that email as a technology is pretty much locked in and difficult to change, at the same time it is ubiquitous and a bit “unsexy” to work on. When looking at the category you can think that it’s a mature market with Mailchimp having +11 million customers and a number of smaller competitors.

At the same time every single one of the competing businesses are profitable and almost everyone is focusing on adding more features and targeting bigger customers. While the market we are targeting is small business customers and infrequent senders. Making sending emails and newsletters quick, simple and easy.

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Minutemailer was founded and designed by Glauser Creative.

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