Pixar Storytelling Framework like in Toystory

Creating a stronger brand using the pixar storytelling framework

Pixar’s revenue surpasses $14 billion.

Their secret?

Masterful storytelling.

Let’s explore how to use the Pixar Storytelling framework to breathe life into your brand and supercharge your marketing. Ready? Let’s go!

What is Pixar Storytelling?

Pixar is known for its compelling storytelling. They follow a simple structure that creates engaging, emotional connections with their audience. It’s not just for animated movies like Toy Story or Finding Nemo; you can use this framework to shape your brand’s story too.

Here’s the basic Pixar formula:

Once upon a time, there was ___.

Every day, ___.

One day, ___.

Because of that, ___.

Because of that, ___.

Until finally, ___.

Now, let’s break it down into brand storytelling.

1. Once upon a time, there was…

Your Brand’s Origin

Start with the genesis of your brand. Set the scene. Tell your audience who you are.

Example: Once upon a time, there was a small bakery named “Butter & Bloom Bakery,” founded by a passionate baker in a tiny town.

2. Every day…

Routine or Problem

Here, describe the daily routine or a problem that your product or service solves.

Example: Every day, people were searching for unique, freshly baked goods that felt homemade.

3. One day…

Introduction of Solution

Share how your brand came up with a solution or product to change the routine or solve the problem.

Example: One day, “Butter & Bloom Bakery” decided to create personalized cakes and pastries, bringing joy to each customer.

4. Because of that…

First Consequence

This begins the chain reaction, showing the initial consequences of the inciting incident.

Example: Because of that, people from neighboring towns started visiting, craving that personal touch in their desserts.

5. Because of that…

Further Consequences

This continues the chain reaction, building on the previous step to show further consequences.

Example: Because of that, “Butter & Bloom Bakery” expanded its menu and started offering baking classes, forming a community of baking enthusiasts.

6. Until finally…

Conclusion or Transformation

Round up your story by showcasing the ultimate transformation or how your brand has reached its current status.

Example: Until finally, “Butter & Bloom Bakery” became a symbol of community and creativity, more than just a bakery, but a place where passion meets flavor.

Why use the pixar framework?

Pixar’s way of storytelling can bring depth and emotion to your brand, creating a memorable experience for your audience. Your customers will feel a connection, not just with your products but with your brand’s journey.

The greatest story commandment is: Make me care.“

Andrew Stanton, Pixar

Your turn!

The Pixar Storytelling framework isn’t rocket science. It’s a simple and effective tool to narrate your brand’s story. So why not give it a try?

Whether you’re a small business or a giant corporation, tell your story like Pixar, and watch your brand come alive.

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