Crucial questions new logotype design

8 crucial questions to ask yourself before designing a new logotype

Are you in the process of redesigning your logotype, or maybe creating a new brand or product? Here are some questions that can be good to ask yourself before going ahead.

1. What is the purpose of the logotype?

Before you start sketching and thinking of ideas for the logo it’s important to understand the purpose of the logotype. Is it for a new business? A product line? A rebranding?

Understanding the purpose will help inform the process and make the outcome spot on.

2. How will the logotype be used?

What job should the logo do and how does it need to work? Is it a logo for a physical product or for an internet brand? Will it be used in one color a lot? Small sizes or can it contain more details?

If it’s a small local coffee shop maybe it can be a more complex logo with character than if it’s a new car brand that needs to have a distinct symbol for social media and advertising.

3. Do you need a brand architecture?

A lot of times a logo isn’t just a logo but part of a bigger system of logotypes or brands. If you are creating just a logo for a small startup or a restaurant you don’t need to worry of this but if you intend to create a line of products, or maybe companies that are related you need to make a choice for what kind of brand architecture you want to have.

4. Who is the target audience?

Understanding the demographics of your target audience will help you guide the design and make sure it works as it should. Are you targeting a specific age group? Or is it made for a more traditional and established audience? Is it a very local, niche group of people or should it work for everyone?

5. What are the design preferences of the target audience?

When thinking of your target audience it can be good to find out more about their design preferences. Do they usually prefer more clean, modern designs? Or should it feel more vintage and classic? Understanding the preferences for the intended audience will help you out.

6. What message do you want the logo to convey?

A logo isn’t just a nice design it’s also a message about your brand. What values or personality traits do you want to associate with your company or product? A strong logotype should be able to communicate these things through its design.

7. What makes your brand unique?

There are millions of brands and logotypes out there. How will your logo stand our from the rest. Both in general and when it comes to close competitors.

Sometimes it can be good to blend in, when you want to feel like part of the same category of brands but often it’s good to go your own way and do something unique.

8. What design elements will you use?

A brand is not only about the logotype but also about other design elements. Like the color palette. Typography. Illustrations and graphic elements. All of these combined creates a unique brand. If you choose carefully the brand can be very strong even with a simple logotype.

Answering these questions before starting to work on your new logo will help you avoid a lot of headache and hopefully save both time and money.

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