Talk to users and customers

Don’t be afraid to talk to people

I’m in general an introvert. That means I get my energy from within. It doesn’t mean I’m shy just that I’m more comfortable in writing this in front of my computer than mingling with people at a party.

So in nature I’m not inclined to talk to a lot of people unless I have to.

But when creating a product or feature or even building a brand or company. It is crucial to talk to people. I mean you are doing this for someone. Someone real that is going to pay for it, use it, love it or hate it. Or maybe even worse, be indifferent to it.

Talking to people, showing stuff and asking them questions is vital. Especially in the first stage of development.

You might not get a definitive answer to your questions but you will get some kind of answer and maybe some new questions. Why did they do that? Is this a normal behaviour or is this a weird person?

Ask people what they think aloud, ask them to test things, ask them to question things. Dig deep into their interests and their view of the subject or category. What does their habits look like? What do they pay for now to solve their problems? What problems don’t they pay for and why don’t they?

If you don’t know who your customer is, you don’t know what quality us.

Eric Ries

There is no absolute formula for customer or user interviews, so you have to figure that one out for yourself. Just start doing them and test things. You can always refine your questions along the way.

Also remember, don’t do as they say. Act on what they actually do.

Remember, don’t be afraid to talk to people. Most don’t bite.