AI Deepmind Cluster writing your future blog posts

In the future, 90% of all online content will be written by AI bots

This is a big deal—not just for marketers who are looking to make their companies more tech-savvy, but also for anyone who writes or publishes content online.

If you’re interested in learning how to prepare your business for this change, or if you’re curious about how to create content using AI for your own site or brand, then this article is for you!

Let’s start with some background.

As we all know, computers have been writing and generating text since the 1950s. But as recently as 2016, AI was still only capable of generating simple stories about animals or people—and not very well at that.

Nowadays, we’re seeing more and more complex results from AI systems like IBM Watson and Google Magenta. This means that some of the most surprising things being written by computers today are about art and music—and not just random animal facts!

The fact that we can now generate this type of content means that there are many new opportunities available for marketers who want to try something new in their businesses’ marketing strategies.

The future of writing is here

If you’re not ready for this change, you’ll be left behind. But if you prepare for it now, you can use AI to your advantage and create better content for your business than ever before.

The first thing is to know what AI is and how it works.

Artificial intelligence is a computer program that mimics human intelligence by learning from experience. It’s more than just a computer program—it’s an entire ecosystem of algorithms, data sets, and models that are constantly interacting with one another in order to make decisions and take actions.

And because it’s constantly learning from experience, AI has the potential to be smarter than humans in some areas.

It’s also important to remember that AI isn’t just one thing—there are different types of AI that specialize in different tasks. Some examples include:

  • NLP (natural language processing) – NLP bots are used to analyze text and understand its meaning; they can be used for everything from automated customer service chatbots to writing articles for websites like this one!
  • Machine Learning – ML bots are used to make predictions about future events based on past results; they’re often used for things like recommending products or services based on your shopping history (or any other kind of activity).

How can you prepare for a future of AI content?

How can you prepare for a future where AI writes 90% of your content?

Here are four steps to get started:

  1. Understand what AI can do today.
  2. Create an editorial calendar that includes topics and themes related to your business that you can include in your content.
  3. Research keywords that are common in your category of business so that search engines can find and index your pages easily.
  4. Get familiar with popular AI software programs and tools.

AI tools to explore

These are some of the available tools for AI writing out there that you should try:

Writesonic – Create long form blogs and articles in 15 seconds with the AI Writer.

Tribescaler – Write ideas and hooks for better Tweets.

Resume Worded – Upload your resume and an AI developed by experts provide feedback in 30 seconds.

Otter AI – Real time notes from meetings. Share and remember everything.

Hemingway – Get feedback on your texts to improve readability and tone of voice. – Create blog posts and articles using AI.

This post is 90% written using I just moved some of the text around, added headlines and the links at the end. Image from Deepmind on Unsplash.

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