Waiting for the perfect time to start? Just do it

Don’t wait for the perfect time to start – there is no perfect time

There is always something around the corner isn’t?

You have to wait for your bonus to quit your job.

You need to polish your product just a little bit more before marketing it.

You just need to find the right partner to start your company.

You need to perfect your pitch deck to present your idea.

It’s not beautiful enough.

You need to find a designer/coder/marketer to create your dream app.

You need to finalize your pricing before selling.

You need to test for bugs just a little more.

There is probably some other idea that is greater.

The economy isn’t great now is it?

The competition is better and more well funded.

You are just tired. Need to sleep better.

The name isn’t great, so maybe wait some. Don’t skip these steps when naming your product or company

The truth is, it’s never going to be perfect. Just start and work things out as you go along. There will be mistakes, but you will learn from them.

The worst thing you can do is to wait for the perfect time.

As Nike says. Just do it!