Thinking of break dancing

Thinking about break dancing

The brain is a really powerful thing.

One of my “hobbies” and ways of keeping in shape is to run. In the beginning I thought it was really tough getting out and around but after reading the classic Born to run book by Christopher McDougall I started thinking of myself as a runner.

That helped.

I’m not just running in this moment. I’m a runner.

That way of thinking can help out in a lot of circumstances. Recently I have noticed that if I find it tough to run I can get some extra power just by thinking of other people doing really athletic things in an effortless way. Like break dancing. Or sprinting.

Forcing your brain into different modes works.

It’s a bit weird when you think about it.

You (as in your brain) forcing yourself (as in your brain again) to think about something that changes your energy level or mood (again your brain plus body) so you can accomplish something better.

Next time you feel down, need more energy, feel bored or something else try picturing the state you want to be in or someone in that state.

Sometimes it can work getting a scene from a movie. Or as I did with the break dancing I was thinking of a time when I was in New York at a night club and this girl was doing the most amazing break dance I have ever seen without breaking a sweat.

I imagined being back there looking at her and my energy level went up and I felt the same (almost) effortlessness in my body when I ran.

When you are stressed, think about someone being really calm.

When you need more energy, think about someone with a lot of energy.

And so on.

Give it a try!

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