AI generated content by Sora

What does the future of AI generated content look like?

We are just in the beginning of the history of AI created content.

Most people have seen or made content using AI. Maybe using ChatGPT or Midjourney.

Some have seen the Sora videos and tested Adobe Firefly.

A lot of people have seen memes made by AI or even been fooled by AI generated images on Facebook.

I use AI a lot to create content. I create texts that I use a starting point and sometimes images for sketching or as inspiration. This text is not using AI but some on this site are and some are quite obvious they are written almost all by AI.

The thing is that this is just the absolute beginning of a flood of content. What happens when the cost of creating a new book, a hollywood quality film, a great photo or a piece of music goes down towards $0?

There will always be some kind of cost involved and someone probably have to monitor and curate the content but what happens when Netflix can add 1 million movies to their catalogue for the price of one movie. Or Spotify can add 1 billion great songs made by AI. Maybe even custom made for you?

Amazon is already filled with AI generated books. Most of it is really bad. But that’s now. The best selling book in 2030 might be written 100% by AI.

In 3 to 5 years time the content will be as good or better than the best content out there. Because it trains on real content and gets feedback from people listening, watching and reading.

It’s funny how people used to talk about how the creative side of humanity was the last things that was going to be replaced by AI and now it looks like that will be the first big victim.

What I think will happen is that who is behind a creative work will matter even more than today and imperfection by human touch will be valued more.

What can you do to compete in the AI generated future?

  • Embrace AI, there is no point in fighting back, someone else will always use it and gain an upper hand
  • Understand what you can use AI for and where it is lacking. For now.
  • Build your brand as a company or person. Who you are will matter more in the future than the content itself.
  • Don’t be perfect. AI will always be more and more perfect. Things that aren’t 100% perfect will have the human touch and I think people will appreciate that. Spell things wrong. Don’t build perfect sentences. Pick the wrong color. Take a slightly blurry photo.
  • Learn prompting. Write long detailed instructions and see how you can manipulate AI to do your work and become an extension of yourself.
  • Be a curator. Become more of a taste maker. What you say no to matters.

So build a brand, a personal brand and find your own personal human imperfection and you will last longer in the future. If you only try to create great content that is perfect you will be quickly replaced by someone doing the exact thing.

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