My dream job

What is my dream job or assignment?

As a self-employed individual, I must always strike a balance. A balance between what’s fun, well-paid, challenging, and stressful when it comes to work. I was employed a long time ago. It had its own set of factors to consider.

But let’s dream freely. What would my dream job or assignment look like?

Growth and development

I want a job that’s challenging but achievable. A job that forces me to learn and grow. If the people I work with are skilled, it’s usually challenging. I need to push myself further. It’s fun working with people who are good at what they do. I always strive to work with the best.

A players hire A players; B players hire C players; and C players hire D players. It doesn’t take long to get to Z players. This trickle-down effect causes bozo explosions in companies.

Steve Jobs

Clear goals

Not knowing every step is okay. But having some kind of goal is crucial. It helps to know what to aim for. Sometimes, we can define goals together. But if everything is floating and moving, it can be difficult. I have dealt with such situations as well.

Making the world a better place

This might sound ambitious and hard. Yet, I believe work should contribute positively to the world. It doesn’t have to be about new energy sources or saving starving children. But if there’s something in the work that makes things better, it’s very positive. It could even be about making small positive improvements within a specific area.

Jobs contributing to a worse world are a big no. For example, the oil industry, tobacco, gambling, or clickbait news media.

A strong vision

This might be related to making the world better. But it could also be something else. A strong, clear vision always makes it more interesting. It’s about achieving a bigger goal, not just solving a small isolated problem.


This may sound like a young person’s demand. “Work should be fun, or I’m out!”. It’s not an absolute requirement. Many tasks aren’t fun. But there should be moments that can be enjoyable or rewarding. Good colleagues, growth, positive feedback from clients, all make it fun.


Being stuck in an office from 9-5 feels outdated. I like working with others, but flexibility is crucial. Being able to work from home two days a week or occasionally at night or on weekends feels important.

I prefer not to travel long distances daily. It feels wasteful. But working remotely with other parts of the world is no problem today. Some companies are even 100% remote like Automattic – the company behind WordPress that this website is built on.

Clear responsibility

I don’t care much for titles. But they can clarify one’s responsibilities. It’s essential for efficient work. What’s my area of expertise? I might have more knowledge there. I do have opinions about other things and take on extra tasks, but clear responsibilities help. Everyone’s opinion is not worth the same if you have different skills.


I love working and often work more than 9-5, five days a week. But work isn’t everything. Time must be left for family, hobbies, and exercise. Balance is essential.

Good pay

I’m too old (not that old!) and experienced to be underpaid. It rules out certain types of work. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not. I might bend this rule for a small, fun project or one that makes the world better. But long-term, low-paying jobs are tough for me to say yes to.


Having ownership of what I work on motivates me. Ownership equals responsibility in a way that payment alone can’t achieve. I’ve started companies and also been paid with ownership. Sometimes it yields nothing, but sometimes it pays well. It always motivates me more.

Big or small companies

Where can you find such jobs or tasks? They could be anywhere. It depends on who hires me or who I find. It might be a project in a big multinational company or a startup.

Small startups might not have much money but often have strong visions, flexibility, clear goals, and sometimes offer ownership.

Larger companies might pay well, have clear responsibilities, be balanced, and perhaps make the world better, as they can have a significant impact quickly.

Starting your own company is probably the most rewarding thing even if it’s hardest to succeed with.