Big vision. Big problems.

What problems are worth solving?

It might be pretentious but I’ve been thinking a lot about what problems are worth solving.

For an existing company there are of course hundreds of problems that are worth solving. But when thinking more grand and what you want to spend your time on there aren’t that many high level problems.

I think it’s easier to create something great if you have a big vision based on a large more inspirational problem you want to solve.

Don’t just make money. Make a dent in the world.

Problems I think are worth solving

Some of the problems I’ve come up with that could serve as a basis for a grand vision for a startup.

  • Solving Co2 removal to minimize climate change impact
  • Solving future food scarcity
  • Solving sustainable local energy creation
  • Solving future aging population crisis
  • Solving life span limits
  • Solving sustainable just in time manufacturing
  • Solving political divides and unifying humanity
  • Solving multi planetary species and preventing humanities extinction
  • Solving how to share earth with nature and other species
  • Solving sustainable transportation on land, air and sea
  • Solving work life balance
  • Solving poverty, hunger and economic equality
  • Solving loneliness and connecting with family and friends
  • Solving creative time and space
  • Solving mental health problems
  • Solving remote viewing and instant traveling
  • Solving human health
  • Solving access to clean water
  • Solving refugees and population displacement crisis
  • Solving waste management
  • Solving the future of work

If you zoom in on one of the above there are thousands of ways to solve them and thousands of sub problems to solve on the way.

Picking a grand vision makes it much easier to set a target and the roadmap to get there.

The first step of solving a big problem is to solve one small problem.

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