War and peace

War and peace

These are times of trouble and it doesn’t look like things will get better any time soon. We have a war in Europe. Russia attacking Ukraine and killing people. The economy (new and old) is looking bleak. Elon Musk bought Twitter for a price that was locked in before summer and now looks absolutely stupid as all tech stocks are crashing down together with the rest of the market.

There is a new UN climate conference COP27 that may or may not (most likely) make the world start to take climate change seriously. At the same time as we have record temperatures everywhere in Europe and elsewhere

It’s not great. And by the looks of it next year is not going to get much better.

But after war. There is peace. Eventually.

And if you zoom out and take a look at a lot of different parameters most things are better now than they have ever been for more people than before.

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So. Hopefully and I say hopefully, as you should always have hope. Things will improve. For most of us at least.

After war there is peace. So prepare for what happens then.

If you have resilience through periods of war then you will be immensely strong when peace comes around.